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recorded @ Combinesch Musik Labor Graz ♥ armin
line up: c, m - guitar + drums + vocs.
Cover Art by yuva river


released September 14, 2017


all rights reserved



KOTVA Graz, Austria

anti-fascist -anti-sexist -anti-homophobic
We as a band, DIY project as well as human beings give a clear statement about our attitude, which we try to make a subject of discussion within our music.

wellness-punk is not just a genre with a spark of irony regarding nowadays punk, it´s a philosophy of life that helps us to survive 'the reality´.
Everybody needs a kotva tatoo!
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Track Name: TOPIA
body versus soul
utopia still in my head
reality smashes back
Track Name: RACE 900
stuck into reality
want to disappear
backdoors into past dimension
circle of habits – there is no need to break out!

I need to run!
I need to run.

walking the same path again
no matter where they are
people are different, I‘m still the same

I need to run!
I need to run.

recycling old ideas
no new points of view
the horizon is near
just to close to see anything
el futuro no espera
nunca viene
nunca viene solo
nunca se va solo

¿dondé está el futuro?
¿que trae él?
¿a dondé va el pasado?

el pasado ya
está escrito
si lo quieres cambiar
hacer lo hoy

no quiero esperar
tienes que cambiar
tu historia de mañana

minutos, segundos
ayer, hoy
semanas, meses
mañana, hoy
momentos, días
nuestras vidas
born in a pretty family
get their holy ideas

stuck to the roots
don‘t loose right direction
there‘s just one way -
the one and only

we know it all, we know it better
don‘t loose track out of step!
never! never!

don‘t ask where you are from
or what you are made of
your character is formed by DNA
you can‘t change it-
no you don‘t

made of steel traditional patterns
seem to guide a clear and glamorous way
all-purpose solutions,
neverending wisdom!
Track Name: W-PUNK
granny is asking
are we still hard?
or is it the right time
to switch to wellness-punk?

check my patch!
don‘t we match?!

gibbon – punk
o-phone – on
magic – touch
borange – loud
elicot – stronger

it just kills the fun

perfect sound and hardest amp
fancy band t-shirt
staring emotionless
with earplugs and nothing to say

why boring?
are we taking hours for the soundcheck?
right chords? boring!
do we care?

get a KOTVA-tattoo instead of that
faking show, tatoo-robot is right there
forever punk
forever krank

finally we got it!
are we now punk?
Track Name: LIMITS
another hot night
trying to get to my place
the streets are calm and
I was not about to stop at all

suddenly screaming
sounds of breaking bones
shall I check it out?
shall I ignore the world?

maybe they need help

I‘m getting closer
do they ask for help?
do they want help?
no! there is need to act!

you crashed into my silence
I didn‘t plan but now I‘m in
you crashed into my peace
now I am part of it

maybe we need help

blood‘s running
amor‘s waiting

they want to fight
I let them go

I went too far
I went too far that night
I have to go
but no chance to turn back

passed out
passed out for a sec
now it‘s too late
last mistake, last deep breath
does anybody help?
Track Name: BARTLEBY
who will save us from..?
who will save us from the future?
who will save us from the past?
who will? who will?

future – I will
past – I did

I would prefer.. not to!
who will save us from the future?
who will? who will?
it is us!

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